Acacia honey

Acacia honey


About Acacia

From the Leguminosae family, it shows a shrub or arboreal habit (height 20-25 m approx.), With thorns and white flowers in clusters. It owes one of its names to Jean Robin, a botanist who imported it from North America in the early seventeenth century. Censity in Italy only from the end of the century XVIII, initially as an ornamental plant, then as a solidifier of land and embankments of roads and railways. Currently (as evidenced by its variegated habitat, which includes escarpments, uncultivated, hedges 0-1000 m s.l.m.) it is so widespread throughout the national territory, that it often assumes the character of a weed.
Flowering between April and May.

Production area

Those that have become more typical are the pre-Alpine area (Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto) and the Apennine ridge (Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna). However, it is also harvested with appreciable quality in other areas (Abruzzo and Campania).


The preferred use is that of drink sweetener: thanks to the high sweetening power, together with a not very intense smell and taste, it does not cover, but enhances the taste of the same. The fact, then, that hardly crystallizes, and that shows a beautiful light color, makes it even more sought after and appreciated by most. You can use it to syrup fruit and vegetables, to prepare fruit salads, and even for desserts with less strong tastes. It marries (perhaps in an appetizer) very well with fresh cheeses but also with seasoned ricottas and low-matured blue cheeses.

Organoleptic analysis

Color: straw yellow
Consistency: Liquid
Smell: weak intensity, delicate, slightly floral
Taste: of low intensity, very sweet, vanilla, aftertaste with sugar

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