Cantina and Vineyard

vino biodinamico

The winery was designed by Roberto Mazzer, architect and
winemaker. It is divided into three blocks above ground, the restaurant
room, bottling room and offices. All these blocks are dominated by a
pleasant terrace overlooking the vineyards which is used for events.
The 1000m2 wine-making area is located in the basement and consists
of a wine-making room, barrel cellar, place for storing bottles and
kitchen area. Following the principles of biodynamics, all wines are
spontaneously fermented and refined in cement tanks, terracotta
amphorae or in oak or acacia wood. The wines do not undergo any
chemical and physical treatment, clarification and filtration are
banned. The wines are bottled strictly following the phases of the

Ancient Arcese vines are cultivated on our lands, these same
indigenous varieties made our countryside famous throughout the
Kingdom of Naples. Lecinaro and black Ulivello, Pampanaro,
Capolongo and Maturano bianco, as well as Malvasia Puntinata,
Moscato di Terracina and Syrah are cultivated in balance between
heaven and earth according to the dictates of biodynamic agriculture.
The choice to produce in a sustainable way has led us to adopt this
method of cultivation, a method that surpasses the organic one as we
give up any use of chemical products in the field. Biodynamics was
born from the anthroposophy found by Rudolf Steiner, who founded
the foundations of this new agricultural approach in 1924. In
summary, biodynamics places the soil at the centre of the agricultural
universe. The ultimate goal of the farmer is to maintain it’s fertility
through the use of biodynamic preparations of totally natural origin.
To guarantee compliance with the principles of Biodynamics, the
company is certified organic by the ICEA body and certified
biodynamic by the DEMETER body.



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