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Roses on a Vineyard – Preventing Disease Naturally

The roses are in full bloom now on the vineyard but why are roses traditionally grown at the end of rows on a vineyard? Originally, roses were planted in vineyards as an early warning sign, roses and grape vines are both prone to the infestation of a fungus known as powdery mildew, this is the


To make a fine quality wine the fewer grape bunches per vine the more intense their flavour will be. In the video below and on this particular vine I started with 25 bunches leaving only 10 bunches, 70% of the grapes were removed, that’s 7 kilos of grapes down 2 kilos!  This difference is the

Spring Cleaning the Hive, Preparing for our harvest of Acacia Honey

As beekeepers we keep a close eye on the climate, Spring does not always start when we expect it to, we watch what is flowering, specifically the Acacia trees, here we are expecting the trees to blossom the second week of April, flowering only for 10 days, there is nothing more welcome than the sight of

Early Spring Frosts and Protection on The Vineyard

Budbreak on the vineyard and Lecinaro is one our first vines to bud, the vineyard is pruned and trellised, Spring is a time of year filled with anticipation but always tainted with the threat of frost. Over the past couple of days Puglia and Sardinia have been hit the worst with a great drop in

Spring Work On the Vineyard – Grafting Grape Vines

Grafting is a technique we use on the vineyard to propagate, this week we have been grafting Lecinaro and Pampanaro. The vines to be grafted are healthy and vigorous cuttings, without disease or insects, and relatively young. A process that requires much patience and practice, grafting only works when you bind healthy cuttings to healthy

Planting a Super High Density Biodynamic Olive Grove

Ciao from Arce Italy is a country in which extra virgin olive oil is a product of excellence. Olives have been part of Lazio’s agriculture and landscape for centuries with evidence that oil was being produced in the region about 4,000 years ago. Today, I started work on planting a super high density olive grove, 900

Winter Work on the Vineyard with Winemaker Marco Marrocco

The first week of February and the climate has been unusually warm, we were worried our vines would start to bud, setting the growing season off to an early start and leaving us with a long period with the threat of frost. So today I greet the drop in temperatures and cold winds with welcome relief

Winter Work on the Vineyard: Simonit & Sirch’s Guyot Pruning Method

Today we made a start on pruning 14 hectares of vines, pruning is the first action we take to our future vintage. Allowing organic growth, Simonit & Sirch’s guyot method is key to the longevity of our vines, prevention of disease whilst respecting vascular flow through the structure of the vines. The cuts were covered

Christmas at The Winery and Restaurant

    Why not come and spend Christmas with us We have designed a Christmas Menu inspired by the typical dishes of our region. Ancient recipes filled with flavour and tradition that compliment our biodynamic wines we produce.   For more info contact   christmas menu.pdf

Zitore 2014, The Second Official Vintage by Palazzo Tronconi

2014 was a crazy year for us, it had been raining almost every day until the 8th of August affecting all our vines including Lecinaro, the grapes were not ripening, we needed sun. With so much rainfall we were concerned that taking on more water could cause the grape berries to swell and possibly split.



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