Wines are like men.
There are those shy and introverted, those superb, those that conquer you. Those on time and those perpetually late. Touchy, indulgent, determined, generous, balanced. There are the companions of an evening, and those you can count on for years. Then there are the artifacted wines, those who wear a mask.
And the natural, authentic ones, just like mom made them.
vino biodinamico

Welcome to Palazzo Tronconi .
The vineyards, the rooms, the Osteria, the biodynamic wine: entrust yourself to our people, stretch their hands and they will give you moments of serenity and exhilaration.

vino biodinamico

We cultivate the ancient arcese vines that made our countryside famous throughout the Kingdom of Naples. The Lecinaro and the Black Ulivello , the Pampanaro , the Capolongo and the Maturano white , in addition to Malvasia Puntinata , Moscato di Terracina and Syrah , they are cultivated in balance between heaven and earth according to the dictates of biodynamic agriculture .

vino biodinamico

In the heart of Ciociaria, Palazzo Tronconi is ready to welcome you in the medieval historic center of Arce. We will accompany you on a tour of the vineyards of our farm, serving you to taste our biodynamic wines from local native vines. Our chefs will introduce you to the delicacies of local cuisine.


Our experiential holidays will allow you to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, tasting biodynamic wines and organic foods. Our packages of 3 , 5 and 7 days offer exclusive destinations, to places of interest and beauty.
Book an experience or create your own.



From new hillside vineyards in the municipality of Arce, in the heart of the Tramonti district.
5 years of age conducted with biodynamic method.
Maturano, Pampanaro e Capolongo
The vines, 5 years old, are cultivated with the biodynamic method.
Malvasia Puntinata and Trebbiano
The vines, around 35 years old, are cultivated using the biodynamic method.
Merlot and Sangiovese
Fermentation with indigenous yeasts, no stabilization, no clarification or filtration.
Espalier training system with Guyot pruning and density 4000 plants / hectare.

We follow the breath of the earth, the rainy season, the time of the sun, to recover the best balance between the action of man and the cycles of nature. We consider the soil as a living organism, and, as such, we respect it, complying with its rhythms and needs.
From this new agricultural method, which acts in full respect of the vine, our biodynamic wine is born.
It is the fruit of the bond with the territory, the only protagonist of work in the fields, and of a new fertility, reconstituted eliminating from the “conventional” process of wine production as many “disturbing elements”: chemical weeding , chemical fertilization, addition and forced stabilization in the cellar.
Sensitivity, passion, love for the earth are the inspiring principles of our production, aimed at recovering the benefits that nature once offered us for free.
An ambitious challenge, which sees us at the center of a transformation: committed to producing the “wines of the past” and, at the same time, laying the foundations for the wines of the future .


"The whole experience was a magnificent feast from beginning to end. Not only was it a feast for ones eyes, taste buds and senses but also for ones soul. Nature if loved and looked after really heals your body, mind and spirit and Marco has and is doing this with his land and all his friends, staff and connections. The hotel was so beautiful, every inch of it was restored by master craftsmen and it just sparkled. We were nourished and nurtured by the wonderful Marie Therese, Sarah and Pierre Luigi.  We visited the vineyard and winery, tasted samples of the wines in situ seeing the journey that the grapes go through. We also went to the best cheese maker who also owns Casa Lawrence, - he was amazing. It was like something out of all the books and movies I have seen about Italy. Marco sources the finest of the finest and shares it with his guests, it is like an insiders look into how good food can be. Just loved Giuseppe's pizza's and I am very fussy about pizza's. We were also treated to a day at Sperlonga , oh my word, we had sun loungers waiting for us followed by a scrummy lunch on the beach. Wherever we went we arrived as strangers but were treated like friends, I just love the open hearts of the people. I believe it is a reflection of the beauty of their land . If you want to see how good life can be then go and see the magic for yourself."

Jessica Standing
Jessica StandingStroud, Gloucestershire
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The farmhouse for your relaxation

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Christmas at The Winery and Restaurant

    Why not come and spend Christmas with us We have designed a Christmas Menu inspired by the typical dishes of our region. Ancient recipes filled with flavour and tradition that...

Zitore 2014, The Second Official Vintage by Palazzo Tronconi

2014 was a crazy year for us, it had been raining almost every day until the 8th of August affecting all our vines including Lecinaro, the grapes were not ripening, we needed sun. With so much...

3 Day Ciociaria Experience, Pizza Class, Wine Tour and Casa Lawrence at Palazzo Tronconi, Lazio

All inclusive Pizza Class and Wine Tour Experience Lazio, Italy from only €680 We invite you to enjoy a memorable 3 days with us and to experience the true flavours of Italy, to learn how to make...

New Years Eve at Palazzo Tronconi Winery and Restaurant Lazio Italy

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3 Day Ciociaria Experience at Palazzo Tronconi from €680.00
We invite you to experience the true flavours of Italy, in the heart of the stunning countryside of Ciociaria, in the kitchen of our renovated 18th Century Hotel learn how to make the best authentic pizza using the finest ingredients with our Pizza Chef, guaranteed to make you smile, he will show you the secrets to creating the best pizza dough and melt in your mouth pizzas. A recipe you can replicate at home.
You will be taken on personal wine tour of our vineyard and our eco winery where you will be able to taste the biodynamic wines we produce straight from the barrels, followed by a four course organic lunch paired with our wines in our winery restaurant overlooking the vineyards.
€680 for one person
€800 for two people sharing (€400/person)
group discount available for 4 people or more
*Available on days Thursday – Monday 
What this includes:
  • 3 days (2 nights) in our renovated 18th century boutique hotel.
  • Generous breakfasts including home baked traditional pastries and fine coffee.
  • All lunches and dinners at Palazzo Tronconi Winery Restaturant and other local recommended restaurants.
  •  Learn to make the best Pizza in Italy, one to one lesson with our pizza chef, he will be happy to share the secrets of preparing best Italian pizza in the kitchen of Palazzo Tronconi.
  • A Trip to Casa Lawrence. A beautiful Villa,  the home of a well known artist’s model and named after its famous visitor, DH Lawrence, set in an area of outstanding, awe inspiring, natural beauty. Shopping and lunch in the picturesque town of Picinisco.
  • Wine tasting and tour of Palazzo Tronconi Vineyard and Winery
  • A four Course Organic Lunch paired with the biodynamic wines we produce at our Winery Restaurant with stunning views of the vineyard.
*collection/drop off to Rome/Naples airport available upon request
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