Palazzo Tronconi

Our History


Palazzo Tronconi is an 18th Century historic building with enchanting views of the Lazio countryside and the Aurunci mountains. It is located in an elevated position in the medieval city of Arce, in the southern region of Lazio, the heart of Ciociaria. An area still to be discovered and described by travel journalists as the ‘New Tuscany’. Palazzo Tronconi was once home to the noble Tronconi family. It was built by them during the 18th century. Well connected, they welcomed illustrious guests to their home including, His Majesty Ferdinand IV the Bourbon, who was recorded as staying on November 22, 1798. Ferdinand, King of the Two Sicilies, travelled from San Germano what is Cassino today to Arce and stayed at the building of Palazzo Tronconi. In 2010, a plaque was placed on the building in honour of his visit. The 9th longest reigning King, Ferdinand, led his kingdom in its fight against the French Revolution and its liberal ideas. The following century it became home to Don Nicola Grossi, the urban chief of the Bourbon guard, who on 27 May 1849 famously led the Urban Guard to battle Giuseppe Garibaldi and his men, whose intention was to conquer Southern Italy. Fast forward 160 years, this once grand building had fallen into disrepair, in 2007 it was purchased by Marco Marrocco, who had a vision to restore it back to its former glory. In 2015, he reopened the doors of the Palazzo, now a delightful small hotel/agriturismo welcoming Italian and International visitors who are intrigued by the building and it’s past.


Enviably located between Rome and Naples and close to the stunning Tyrrhenian coast, Arce is an ideal location to explore the surrounding areas that are characterised by naturalistic, historic and artistic landmarks including Monte Cassino Abbey, Sperlonga and Casa Lawrence, Abruzzo National Park and Casamari Abbey. The name Arce derives from the Roman word ‘arx’, or fortress, to which it was used in various eras, or from Arcanum, the mountain on which the area is lying. The first time that the town of Arce is mentioned in a document is in the Ravenna Cosmography from the 7th century AD. Arce today is a pretty medieval town, with winding, narrow, cobbled alleys, interesting historic buildings and panoramic views. Main sights include the Baroque Parrocchiale of Santi Pietro e Paolo (late 17th century), the church of Sant'Antonio, which has maintained a 13th-century portal, and the Torre del Pedaggio. The archaeological area of Fregellae, a once important and flourishing Roman settlement is located nearby.


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