Tours and tastings

Take part in our wonderful food and wine tour and tastings; paths valid for both beginners and those who want to take a further step in understanding the biodynamic winemaking process.

Our personalized wine tour will guide you through the wine-making process. You will start in the vineyard, where you will learn about the importance of the soil, we will show you how the vines are grown and the perfectly ripe grapes are harvested.

We will take you inside our cellar and show you the biodynamic winemaking system: from the arrival of the grapes in the cellar to the bottling.

Stop at the restaurant of the Palazzo Tronconi cellar, the most pleasant part of the tour, tasting the wines and dishes of our cuisine.

Our menu includes typical dishes with raw materials of biological and biodynamic origin, when possible, and at Km 0.


give yourself a dream tour



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