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The farmhouse for your relaxation

In the heart of Ciociaria, Palazzo Tronconi is ready to welcome you in the medieval historic center of Arce.
Here we will make you intoxicated with its wines and typical dishes of the Arctic: the flavors of the past with the wines of the past.
We will accompany you on a tour of the vineyards of our farm, serving you to taste our biodynamic wines from local native vines.
Our chefs will introduce you to the delicacies of local cuisine during their lessons.

From 1700 , when the lineage of Tronconi stone by stone built it on the south-western slopes of Monte di Rocca ‘Arce, Palazzo Tronconi supervises the hills of the middle valley of the Liri that stretch out at its feet. In 1798 Ferdinand IV of Bourbon stayed there, as well as the less noble Don Nicola Grossi Captain of the Urban Guard of Arce.

In 1849 he gave Giuseppe Garibaldi a hard time, leading four thousand men from the Roman Republic, where he spent his time conquering the Two Sicilies.

Marco Marocco , producer of biodynamic wine, whose rows unfold like rows of pentagrams on the Arctic hills, has given a new voice to the Palazzo. </ p >

He did it with the verve that distinguishes him, combining the ancient nobility with a contemporary style, essential in lines and taste. The obsessive attention to detail and the breathtaking view, combined with a cuisine that has its roots in the territory, caresses the guest and gently cuddles him.

The end?

Inebriate it, forever, with Palazzo Tronconi .



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