Grappa Zitore

Grappa Zitore


Technical sheet

Physical characteristics: grappa obtained exclusively from biodynamic marc fermented and distilled directly after adding water Alcohol contents: methyl alcohol less than 1,000 g / hl – volatile substances other than ethyl and methyl alcohols higher than 140 g / hl of alcohol at 100 Geographical area of origin: Lazio Region – Province of Frosinone – Municipality of Arce – Località Tramonti Distillation method: discontinuous stainless steel bain-marie still – glass coil Sugaring: not performed – grappa without added sugar Alcohol content: 40° Vines: lecinaro Wine: Zitore by Palazzo Tronconi – Frusinate IGP – rosso Young grappa: distillation period: October-November 2015 Storage: in glass from distillation 

Sensory analysis

Visual evaluation: colorless and crystalline – totally transparent – no dusty suspensions present Olfactory evaluation: intense aroma and medium persistence. Aromas characterized by floral and fruity notes: cut grass and green shoot, hazelnut, cinnamon. Tactile and gustatory evaluation: Robust, well-structured, balanced but slightly dry Service temperature: 8/15° C Consumption and pairings: Typical grappa from the end of the meal to be combined possibly with dry pastries, apple pie. It can be risked with soft cow cheeses.


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