Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil


Technical sheet
Acido eicosenoico 0,34
Acido eicosanoico 0,37
Acido eptadecenoico 0,09
Acido eptadecanoico 0,05
Acido linoleico 8,63
Acido linolenico 0,59
Acido oleico 75,37
Acido palmitico 11,79
Acido palmitoleico 0,69
Acido stearico 2,08
Polifenoli 354,00


Sensory analysis

Organoleptic characteristics:
Intense fruity oil, to the nose it is complex and enveloping, characterized by intense herbaceous scents, with strong hints of artichoke, thistle and tomato. On the palate we find what was promised to the nose with the addition of balsamic flavors. The bitter and the spicy are decisive and in good harmony. The high content of polyphenols means that the oil is rich in antioxidants, to be considered among the most genuine products that nature can offer us. Extra virgin olive oil, due to its concentration in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, plays a fundamental role in the Mediterranean diet and is a complete and indispensable food to maintain, in any way, the body in full form and efficiency.

The olives were harvested when they were green in color for about 80%, in the period 15 October / 15 November, as a result the oil produced is of a more intense fruitiness with more accentuated tones. two phases, it allows to raise the content of the polyphenol present in the oil and to maintain its quality unaltered.

Suggestions of use:
Excellent raw on artichoke and mushroom salads, carpaccio and meat tartare, vegetable elegance soups, tuna steak, grilled swordfish, grilled red meats, seasoned pasta filata cheeses.

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