Spring Cleaning the Hive, Preparing for our harvest of Acacia Honey

Spring Cleaning Hives

As beekeepers we keep a close eye on the climate, Spring does not always start when we expect it to, we watch what is flowering, specifically the Acacia trees, here we are expecting the trees to blossom the second week of April, flowering only for 10 days, there is nothing more welcome than the sight of the first white blossoms of the year. This abundant new pollen source dramatically raise the activity of bees in the hive.

Today on the vineyard we were preparing the hives, we assembled new frames with organic wax, these are key to the workings of a colony, also allowing space for the bees to do their job. Not enough space will force the bees to leave. The frames allow support to the bee’s combs, they give the bees a flat surface on which to draw out the wax of their combs.

Acacia Honey is one of the finest varieties of honeys available, it is highly appreciated for its tenderness and slow crystallisation. The aroma resembles the smell of a flower and it has an exquisite delicate flavour. With medicinal properties, Acacia Honey has antibacterial properties it does not cause allergies, is used to to treat eye diseases, liver and kidney disorders and insomnia.

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