Beekeeping in Italy

Beekeeping in Italy

Beekeeping in Italy

Life is Bee-utiful at Palazzo Tronconi, Italy

Conserving our Flora and Fauna

Bees are essential to our eco system. They are responsible for almost a third of the food we eat. Their ecological and morphological characteristics make them valuable in the preservation of our environment. So, as a biodynamic winemaker obsessed with ecology and natural science when the beehives were introduced to Palazzo Tronconi on the 10th May 2017 we were all buzzing with excitement.

Not only are we playing a small part in conserving our flora and fauna, we hope to produce natural honey. We also intend to use the propolis that is produced in the hives for pharmaceutical purposes. The vineyards will also benefit as gradually we hope to abandon the use of copper and use a treatment of propolis instead.

For centuries beekeepers assumed that bees sealed the beehive with propolis to protect the colony from the elements, such as rain and winds. Only recently research has shown that bees not only survive, but also thrive, with increased ventilation during the winter. In fact propolis adds much more beneficial purpose to the hive, including prevention of diseases and parasites from entering the hive, also stopping fungal and bacterial growth. It has also been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years.

Our honey is almost ready, and after tasting natural acacia honey for the first time, I cannot wait…

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