New Wine Labels for Palazzo Tronconi Biodynamic Wines

Artist Berenike creates curious images that are both witty and unique rather like the wines we produce.

Veronica Giuliani, aka Berenìke, is a renowned tattoo artist and illustrator from Ciociaria, Italy. Passionate for the visual arts, creativity and art have played a major role in her life. Reinterpretating blackwork, a tattoo style that dates back centuries she has over the years developed it into a contemporary art form.

Recently Palazzo Tronconi commissioned Berenìke to create illustrations for the new labels of their natural wines. The main idea of the project was to merge, a visual metaphor from natural elements of objects that could be found within the vineyard, everyday tools with illustrious characters representative of Ciociaria. 

The subject of Fregellae wine, which takes its name from one of the most important Latin colonies in the Roman period depicts the face of a statue that was discovered at one of the most important archaeological excavations, the face is merged with the base of a traditional Roman amphora used as a wine container, and inside is a bunch of poppies, wild flowers that are a characteristic of the Ciociaria countryside and Palazzo Tronconi vineyards.

Artist – Veronica Giuliani ‘Berenìke

Winery – Palazzo Tronconi

Imported from Golden Vines



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