Palazzo Tronconi in Ny with Savio Soares

Palazzo Tronconi is pleased to announce a partnership with Savio Soares, who will be our importer for the New York State. The Brazilian-born, New York-based importer is a perfect match for us:

“The philosophy carries into the winery and cellar as well. A common checklist would read: NO additives, NO preserving agents, NO cultured yeasts, NO filtration and often even, NO sulfites used. Most of my growers allow nature to make the wine with little human intervention, producing a clear window to a true expression of their terroir; with climate, vintage, soil and the expression of the winemaker evident in each bottle.”.

We truly believe that he will be critical for the development of our presence in one of the world’s most important wine markets.

About Savio:

1140 Broadway- Ste. 1506
New York, NY 1000

(t)+1 (718) 797 4114

(f)+1 (718) 797 4116




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