Planting a Super High Density Biodynamic Olive Grove

Ciao from Arce

Italy is a country in which extra virgin olive oil is a product of excellence. Olives have been part of Lazio’s agriculture and landscape for centuries with evidence that oil was being produced in the region about 4,000 years ago.

Today, I started work on planting a super high density olive grove, 900 olive trees per hector.

This new cultivation technique of planting makes sense to me, it is very similar to the way grapevines are trellised and trained on a single leader and grown in parallel rows. The high density method of planting, is cost effective and does not compromise on the excellent quality of the final product.

After some research the cultivars I chose to plant are Don Carlo, Fabulous and Giulio and Leccio del Corno. This is very exciting for us – we know we can grow olives and by following the biodynamic principles of a sustainable and holistic approach, using the super high density  method we should see some great results, a high yield of quality olives free from chemical intervention!

Our first harvest will be in September 2020.

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