Spring Work On the Vineyard – Grafting Grape Vines

Grafting is a technique we use on the vineyard to propagate, this week we have been grafting Lecinaro and Pampanaro. The vines to be grafted are healthy and vigorous cuttings, without disease or insects, and relatively young.

A process that requires much patience and practice, grafting only works when you bind healthy cuttings to healthy trunks and rootstocks, here we are grafting onto American rootstocks – used because of the sticky sap that repels the sap sucking insects Phyloxera.

The process splices the top of one vine onto the roots of another. The purpose of grafting is to combine the desirable characteristics of the top plant part (the scion) to the sturdier roots of another (the rootstock). The scion is chosen based on the quality of its stems, roots, flowers and/or fruit, in this case Lecinaro.

WATCH NOW Marco demonstrating grafting




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