Where to See the Total Lunar Eclipse

Where to See the Total Lunar Eclipse

Where to See the Total Lunar Eclipse

With a biodynamic Blood Red Cocktail in hand watch the deep red moon climb the sky on the roof terrace of Palazzo Tronconi Winery on Friday 27th July 2018

The skies over our vineyards are breathtaking, it is no surprise our land is called ‘Tramonti’, meaning Sunsets. On Friday 27th we climb the roof terrace to witness the awe inspiring ‘Blood Moon’.
A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, Earth and the moon are perfectly lined up. The most spectacular part about a total lunar eclipse is when the moon is fully in Earth’s shadow it turns deep red.

As a biodynamic vineyard we follow the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s approach to biodynamic agriculture, coordinating our soil treatments with the lunar calendar, the idea that plants are more receptive to fertilizing or pruning on particular days or phases of the moon. So it is only right we should celebrate this night with our biodynamic menu including our blood red vermouth cocktails!

L’Apericena at Palazzo Tronconi Winery every Friday and Saturday Evening
Hope you can join us!

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